Pork Recipe Fail – How Not to Make Roast Pork Loin with Rosemary & Grapes


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  1. I totally love Chef John! He's a fantastic chef, cooks delicious food and as long as I've followed his recipes, every dish is yum.
    What a genuine and funny guy he is. Brilliant stuff

  2. You're the best Chef John! You cracked me up so bad I almost wet my pants 🙂 ps so How WOULD you re-do that pan sauce, I mean besides less Rosemary and maybe no cream…hee hee. Would you de-glaze with white wine or white vermouth? Add a little butter?Salt was alright? Love your videos very much and have been subscribed for a while!

  3. Chef John from the way you introduced the disaster, I thought that the meat came out as dry as split firewood. When, in fact, it was only a caution about using strong herbs.

  4. Love your channel John. Your courage to show your mistakes definitely makes you more endearing to your audience. I've tried several of your recipes and everything has come out extremely well except for my murdering of your Zabaglione…. which I cooked too long and did not add enough sugar to since I was using "sweet" marsala. I know, my fault for not tasting while cooking. Mea Culpa. Please keep sharing.

  5. Hi John: after you put the water in to deglaze and realized you should have used the chicken stock, you could have cooked it until the water evaporated then added the chicken stock and some white wine. Idk but you must be overly sensitive to the taste of rosemary because I didn't think it was that much overall.

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