Pork Chow Mein Recipe – American Style


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  1. Interesting… I never seen chow mein like this before. The chow mein I know is stir-fried noodles with a wide variety of vegetables and a bit of char siu or chicken mixed in.

  2. Hi. We used to make chicken chow mein. Onion and celery first, then raw chicken over that and let it cook for twenty minutes with cover on top. Then bean sprouts over that and toss around another five. Then salt, white pepper and corn starch slurry and a dash of sesame oil. Served over dry flat chow mein noodles and a scoop of rice on top. Many people added soy sauce, duck sauce and mustard for added flavor. But me, au naturale is best. Happy retirement !!!

  3. I must say, I have really learned a lot from you guys, I really hope you continue with the good work as the changes in life buffet you. I too have retired but I am still cooking. Never stop these wonderful cooking lessions…..

  4. This is Cat from
    Brooklyn NY!🐱

    Thank you for the videos! Happy holidays!👍💝

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