Pork chops roasted with garlic rosemary How to cook recipe


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  1. I tried these tonight and I can assure you it is NOT 50 minutes. I cooked them for 30 minutes at 375 (Fahrenheit) then took it down to 325 when I saw they were cooking fast and they were DRY and tasteless. The recipe is simple enough but I would recommend heavily seasoning your chops and using a sparing amount of garlic and rosemary. The chops I made tonight were terrible, tasteless and void of moisture. I had to add steak sauce just to choke them down.

  2. @dernis
    I could smell the aromas from here hmmmm 🙂
    If you decide to try them again, try it with the rosemary and garlic its good:). Fresh rosemary is also really nice with lamb chops or roast lamd joint or even with your roast potatoes.
    Simple with salt and pepper is of course excellent.
    Glad you enjoyed.

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