Pork Chops Recipe – Hyderabadi Style | Quick and Easy Pork Recipe


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  1. 1. To the ignorant people please Google and find out pork shops in Hyderabad so that means that people in Hyderabad do eat pork. Just because you don't eat, it does not mean that everyone else should not eat.

    2. Respect the choice of others, one group of people should not enforce the other religion to ban a FOOD product.

    coming to the video…great presentation

  2. the moment i saw the pork recipe from this channel i was so intrigued to see it… finally got the chance… its awesome recipe… loved it.. its awesome… will surely try it wen m home… please continue the good work.. it needs courage to show a pork recipe in Indian platform coz of all the "food constraints" m really glad that u ppl r getting all types of recipes…. To all the hate comments i failed to understand the issue… is it coz its a pork dish or is it coz of its name "hyderbadi pork chop"… any plz dont be disheartened with it… Carry on the good work… All the best

  3. There isnt any such recipe with the name "Hyderabadi Pork Chops" @Team Glamrs take responsibility and change your videos name to something like "pork chops" but by adding the word "Hyderabadi" you are creating a delusion! Hyderabadi food is authentic Mughlai food! The recipe you have shown has beef in it used originally, so when you are changing the ingredients it isnt the original recipe!! Take necessary action and do not encourage pork eating with delusion. pork (pig's meat) is extremely high in fat content, increases the risk of cancer, Trichinosis, swine flu and other viral infections! when you use a regions name or for the matter of fact, when you state anything specific remember to get your research done. you can not just get away with saying "few people eat" "there are people who eat".. when you tag or emphasise there hasto be majority in it! and the percentage you are talking about is way too less! The recipe is fine! doesnt necessarily need to please everyone's taste buds! But the tag used is inappropriate.

  4. i dont know if its hyderabadi or not and i dont eat pork but i think some hydrabadis myt eat dis….appreciate glamrs for deir effrts instead of trashing….luv glamrs ….keep doing more😊😊

  5. There are other religions in hyderbad this video isn't for Muslims so why are you all clicking on it leaving stupid comments. if you don't eat pork watch something else you fucking inbred idiots.

  6. People really need to relax and get their brains working. Yes Hyderabad has significant amount of Muslims but not all Hyderabadis are Muslims. I come from Rajasthan and it's population is predominantly Hindu. But that doesn't mean there are no Muslims there because I'm a Muslim. And yes people eat pork all around the world and so do Hyderabadis. It's not that big a deal.

  7. I don't understand why people are so offended by pork. It's just a preference and people who eat it dont force other people to do so nor pass comments on how they are offended by others who look at pork with disgust. Please try to be mature about this.

  8. Wow!! Just loved this recipe… I know there is too much hate here, since it's not their taste.. But still, Pork is the best I would have ever had….. and yum.. I loved the recipeπŸ˜†πŸ˜Š

  9. do your research better. Its like calling a risotto a hyderabadi dish just because someone in hyderabad eats risotto. Pork is not a part of hyderabadi cuisine. I am a pakka hyderabadi FYI. This video angers me because of the sheer ignorance from "glamrs".

  10. who the hell told u that pork is eaten by Hyderabadi….. there r Muslim's are non muslims no body prefer eating pork in Hyderabad change the name….Hyderabad is special for biryaniz not for pork shame on ur part guys research before then cooking something and giving a name to it…… Im a regular viewer of ur channel u just lost many subscribes due to such recepie and adding such controversy name to it……

  11. What's with so many morons leaving dumbass comments ? Eww pork chii etc? Wtf. Don't fucking watch it if you don't like it or don't eat it for whatever reasons. Stop being insensitive pricks. Pork is fucking delicious. This recipe seems amazing. The end result looked so goooddd. Mouth watering.

  12. I recall you did a channa recipe – which is typical punjabi – and called it hydrabadi. Now pork chops hydrabadi πŸ™‚ I love pork chops, but i get the feeling calling them hydrabadi may be politically and factually incorrect! and fresh coconut is hydrabadi….? hmmm

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