Pork Chop Recipe


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  1. There are many components to weight loss – exercise, diet, motivation etc.
    But I think the most important is in creating the food you have appealling so you aren't tempted to keep having other food as well. One resource I found which succeeds with this is the Paleo Secret Blueprint (check it out on google) definately the no.1 paleo ideas that I've seen. look at the photos and super recipes.

  2. made this tonight with 5 small ones for a family of 3. everything was gone. my parents absolutely loved it! said it was the best porkchops theyve ever had. (im only 17 so i feel accomplished seeing as im starting culinary school this fall) :)

  3. I'm not a veggie eater but I noticed, if I take the pork out of the dish and eat it, the rest can be made into a salad with rice. Since I'm Filipino, rice is a very important part of our dishes so I get to take my meat and Vegetarians get their salad

  4. I know with a name like Sorted Food, the show is geared at British audiences, but it would have been a nice reminder to us Yanks that 200ºC is 400ºF! It took ages for us to figure out why 9 minutes at 200ºF left us with raw pork on the inside!

  5. Hey boys! I made this for dinner last night with a few modifications based on what I had in the pantry. Instead of Savoy I used sliced Brussel sprouts and added dried cranberries and pecans to them. I found wild rice perfect on its own with all these other flavors so I left it as is. Wonderful fall combos guys! Keep it up! !

  6. I kinda miss the old sorted when things were a lot more chilled and relaxed, barry/jamie/mike looked like they had no idea what they were cooking and there seemed to be a lot more bloopers/improv going on

  7. You guys should try the 1$ per meal for a week challenge. Essentially you buy 21$ (£21) of groceries at the start of the week and try to only use those things (and anything you can get for free) to make 3 meals a day for the whole week. Check out Day 1 of Brothers Green Eats taking on the challenge for a better explanation.

  8. Totally unrelated, but I had my first dream involving you guys last night so I thought I should share. Instead of a food channel, you guys were a song channel that did covers with Ben on the guitar as the lead singer…. but he had an emo-style bowl haircut with rainbow-dyed hair. Everyone else behaved exactly the same as normal. What does it mean….?

  9. i know wat u can make
    its an asian cultured food ( hope u havent made it yet)
    itss stringhopers!!!
    to go with the string hopper u will need curries!!
    my mum has the recipe for it i can show and send it to u!!!
    oh btw u will need different types equipments ( quite weird equipments)!!!!

  10. you guys have amazing videos that are not good when you are meant to revise for exams but it's always good to see people make quality videos. I also think its nice that everyone gives each other recipes. like I have a hard time just talking to my brother so it's just nice seeing it. I guess

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