Pork Chile Verde- Full Recipe and How to make it- English


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  1. I can answer that for you. You are placing them one at a time, ok so that you can space them apart so the pork will fry and not sweat caused by crowding. Because the cooking of the pork will be done during the simmering.

  2. It looks delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹ but Iโ€™m still waiting on your burrito you made in Sicily Italy that had tons of people standing in line waiting to purchase one.

  3. I have watched this three times already. I make salsa verde on a regular basis and I have a good pork roast in the freezer. Guess what I am going to have for dinner this week? I like spicy too, so I will have home-crushed pepper flakes on hand. Thank you.

  4. Just made this and it's so yummy! I definitely had to add alot of red chili flakes to satisfy my daughter and husband lol but it was so good!
    But I did use all the ingredients for the salsa. And it wasnt as bright green as yours and it was super watery:( it thickened up after if simmered with the pork tho so all is well lol thank you!!!

  5. How do I get the onion flavor in the meat without adding pieces of onion in the skillet?. My family do not like to bite into onion. Can I add raw onion to the blender along with the chilies, or do I boil it with the chilies than add it to the blender? Definitely going to try this recipe!!

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