PORK BIRIYANI made in a Pressure Cooker / Indian Restaurant Recipe


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  1. Hi Greg, here are my observations. I used the high setting on my pressure cooker, rice turned out perfectly! Unfortunately..the pork was a tad overcooked, even though I cut them into pretty good sized pieces. The bottom of my pressure cooker was burnt so i got the ingredients out right away, so no burnt taste in the final product. Looking back I think I should have used a diffuser on the gas burner. I had it as low as it would go, I even cut the time by a few minutes. So, I would welcome your thoughts concerning my earlier post about the pressure cooker. In the end the dish turned out pretty good…but I think it could have been so much better. 🙂 I really want to make this again!

  2. I am making this today. I'm really at a loss about my pressure cooker. Mine has 2 settings, high and low. Low is for rice, but there is meat and rice in this recipe. I just don't know what setting to use. Do you have any suggestion for this problem? I really hope you are able to answer before I start cooking this in a few hours…but I quite imagine with the time difference you are sleeping at the moment! 🙂

  3. Well, my rice was overcooked, sigh…

    Should the rice continue to boil while layering? I may have had the pressure cooker too hot during the 40 minute cook time too although I didn't detect pressure escaping. I'll certainly be giving this another go soon. It's a tasty dish I'll love even more when I get the rice right LOL… 

    Looking forward to your book!

    Stay well Chef.

  4. Hi, I have watched most of your videos over the last few days, (WOW what a job) you cut through all the crap and get down to what's needed to show how to cook, very very impressive, I've always wanted to learn how to cook French/ European style. so when I finish checking out all your videos I will start cooking. You mentioned that your putting out a book, have you heard of EBooks they would suite your videos perfectly, look it up. thanks for all your hard work, Rod 

  5. Greg, Ive owned a couple of pressure cookers in the past, I love the one you have! I honestly dont understand how pressure cooks food faster. I will read up on that. This looks like a dish i could use as a main dish even though it seems as though its meant to be a side dish. I think I could easliy like this as much or more than cajun jambalaya! 

  6. Also, I just recently realized, looking at my Stove's manual, that the "burners" (Glass top) are all different BTU maximums. The highest being the one Large/Small combo unit. Do you think that would be a good subject for one of your videos, i.e., BTUs of home ranges?

  7. Chef! This is certainly intriguing. Looks like it is very flavorful. Once again you show us your versatility, not only in preparing the dish, but presenting it in an easy to understand form. Well done.

  8. Hi chef, great recipe as always. So you would suggest this with a curry and not with tandoori chicken? I have been wondering how to cook some dishes 'the modern way' because I've seen people in other cultures use to seal the lit with dough. But apprently, the pressure cooker is the way to go.

  9. Very interesting recipe! I'm surprised that the rice will withstand 40 mins in a pressure cooker plus 15 mins resting time when it was already part cooked – my first reaction is that this must become overcooked and mushy but of course I trust your experience so will try this for myself. It just so happens I have some pork shoulder which was destined for char Sui, so I'll halve it and use half in this recipe as an experiment. Ps I have black cardamon, guess this is the same as brown?

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