Pork and Shrimp Egg Rolls


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  1. I have a question, can I use my leftover ingredients the next day? I wanted to make patties, but i remember I put raw egg in it the day before, but I put it in the refrigerator right away
    Please let me know if my children can have this

  2. Oh my goodness theses egg rolls I made them only with pork thou but they came out delicious everyone in my family loved them thank you 🙏🏻 so much for sharing the recipe!! 🥢🥡

  3. FINALLY! I food channel I can follow and love. You're recipes are on point. This egg roll recipe is amazing and the bets I've seen on youtube by far. Thank you for sharing.

  4. You and your husband are such a cute couple. Loved the recipe and will be trying it soon. Really like the whole shrimp. They looked perfectly cooked. Wonderful idea. Thank you

  5. I m frm India.. u both are awesome.. I love so see your videos.. lovely mouth watering end which inspires me to try ur recipe… Upload some Indian food as well🍓❣️💗

  6. Seonkyoung Longest Again you did not disappoint me! I absolutely love your videos I'm always hanging out on your YouTube Channel and Website. I have cooked from so many of your videos. And you always keep a smile on my face because of your personality. Thank you again. This was absolutely delicious and my teenage children loved them as well. I made extras and popped them in the freezer so they can just come home from school or work and cook them up for a quick snack. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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