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  1. Im soo tickled i do my hubby like your wife do you at the store! Oh & I commented on another vid about my son tuggey nickname…We must be cousins with these same family members nicknames😂😂😂 i have a 11 year old & he's dukie by his granny and dad side😂😂😂😂 hey cousins!!!!!!

  2. This was a really weird video! You named over 10 or more good, can be healthy foods that you DON'T EAT, But you want to eat,pork & beans with fries! I find it very difficult to believe! You never had greens,stuffing, mac &cheese, candied yams, etc. because it's NASTY(your words)! My question, do you know how to cook these foods? Or maybe you had these foods,and they weren't prepared correctly! If you don't mind me asking, besides beans & fries, what do you cook for a complete meal in your house? Do you try do offer your children new veggies, meats,fruits? Have a beautiful blessed Thanksgiving! 🎄🙏

  3. I'm cooking bake chicken dressing Mac and cheese and green beans sweet potato casserole potatoe salad and rice and gravy and brownies with the help of my sister's and my mom I have to stay in cause of health reasons that's why I'm cooking

  4. Hey that looks so good. I love pork n beans n fries. Get the fries soggy. I like other things with my fries. I can't think of what it is. I would order steak fries and something else at cracker barrel. It might be the dumplings. Lol

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