Porchetta Pork Roast | Melissa Clark Recipes | The New York Times


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  1. Melissa, please do not mislead people, that is NOT a porchetta.
    to make a porchetta you must use the belly of the pork with some loin, remove the skin have the pork belly flat on your table place spices and salt , roll it then roll the skin around the pork belly, tight that up with butcher twine and roast at around 150 to 180 F for 3 to 4 hours.
    I hope you will follow my method.
    for your spices make sure to have fennel and anise seed fresh grind.

  2. "A sausage is seasoned ground meat pushed in a tube. My version takes that ground meat and instead makes into a patty, but it's still a sausage, honest."

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