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  1. To all morons commenting they are naked, we bathe daily unlike you the reason they are are that way is that they have to show that they don't have skin diseases ah you guys hide that and they also have to show the sacred thread and you guys will cook at that temperature with a coat on?

  2. we South Indians cooking like this from ages. we don't need other suggestions. that is very delicious puri. commenting negatively is not good. And bye the way you are not invitted to eat puri. very nice typical Indian style

  3. I have seen European public not taking bath for as long as 20 days some time. I have seen Pakistani public not taking a bath for a week and only day they take bath, much of Dubai runs out of water for 2-3 hours on Fridays. Therefore It would be better you stay off from commenting about health or hygiene here.

  4. Very nice to watch making Dough there is ? Mark how clean way made not good cotton band some thread hanging from the neck should at least wear apron sweat only my opinion at least wear tee shirt 😩🇦🇺

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