Pomodoro Sauce recipe made with fresh tomatoes and basil | pasta recipe | Italian recipe


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  1. This simple pomodoro sauce is the new hit of house! I served this other day to visiting relatives who loved it! Sauteed Shrimp on top makes this dish special for company. Chef, thanks for your simple instructions and laid back cooking style that makes us feel like we should give it a try.

  2. this is exactly my recipe except when i stuff the tomatoes with garlic i take out most of the seeds and throw in a bunch of herbs, basil, savory, oregano rosemary or sometimes cilantro for when im adding it to fermented hot sauce or indian & mexican flavored soups :} the herbs make it outstanding though

  3. This video may be 4 years old, but I am going to make this tonight w/ a bunch of heirloom tomatoes I got a couple of days ago. How simple and how yummy! Perfect for a summer dinner.

  4. I varied this recipe, but this video provided me the tip that had been eluding me – garlic roasted tomatoes. So f''in delicious. I added a soffritto to this (I used matchstick sized cubes of carrots, onions, celery, shallots and also threw in some finely diced pork belly). Again….do the tomatoes like he does….tasted perfect!!!

  5. Just got done doing this one. Wasn't quite sure how long to cook the tomatoes, but everything turned out perfectly. The butter makes a big difference. Thanks!

  6. bell's went off when you said 'roast these up, put them in a freezelock bag, and you can do this all winter long" I never thought of freezing roasted tomatoes I have to start tomorrow since it's peak tomato time!  thanks again Chef Jack you have the greatest techniques and advice

  7. Our friends invited us to go to Florida so in a few days I will be jetting of to an Orlando time share resort. The wife wants me to cook this one night for our best friends!!!

  8. Just wondering, if fresh garden basil is ready for harvest would not garden tomatoes be as well?  They are ready for harvest together in my growing zone; so I was just wondering why you used store bought.  Also why not the meaty plum tomatoes sliced lengthwise?  Less water.

  9. I made it again with tomatoes from a local farm. Mine r not ready yet. Again it is great! I roasted the tomatoes on my gas grill. It's too hot to cook them in the oven. I grilled some sausage for a protein. My wife loves it. Oh yes my own fresh basil.

  10. My wife had me make this dish again. She said," this is probably the best meal you have ever cooked." The flavor is absolutely phenomonal. It's all in the fresh ingredients and its siplicity

  11. Went to farmstand picked up fresh tomatoes,basil,garlic, and some other items I use. Made this recipe and turned out absolutely delish. Wife had it with leftover fried shrimp. Having seconds.. Thanks for something different.

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