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  1. You are my favorite vegan youtuber. I appreciate all your recipes because It has been hard for me to try different things. You are the best and I appreciate your wide range recipes. Thanks for them and teaching me how to make them.

  2. Tish, all the ingredients and measurements aren't listed for the coconut curry lentils. (FYI) I winged it for the measurements that weren't listed and it is sooooooooooo goood! I will be making more tomorrow I'm sure! Keep 'em coming! 😋

  3. I am a new follower, I saw you on VeganHustleTV channel and you are the aspiration of the lifestyle I want to lead. I will start and then get off track because I live with family and they are meat eaters and I have no other choice because I lack the fridge space or money to constantly provide the food I would like on my own. But, I said all of that to say that I love your channel and would like to know that if I live in the US can I still purchase the eBook?

    You are a beautiful person and this channel is showing me this lifestyle I want to live is totally possible and can be done easily. Your skin is impeccable. Ok I am done now. But I am going to be a loyal follower.

    Can you do a video on different smoothie options you have?

  4. I love how you make actual savory/filling plant based recipes with flavor!! nice to see compared to the usual stuff I see on here that's very bland or boring 🙁

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