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  1. Hi from Mendoza, Argentina! I have recently discovered your channel and I am in love with your recipes! I had made the banana pancackes and they tasted sooo great!! It is my new favourite recipe for breakfast on weekends!! Thanks and best!

  2. Hi Tish, I'm a new sub to your channel and I have fallen in love😍 with your delicious recipes😋 Baby girl you have really inspired me to go ahead with my plan to eat healthy. When I saw your video I first thought that you had not listed the amount and measurements for you recipes, but I found the list. Thank You so much Tish for sharing your healthy AND delicious recipes with us🍌🍞🍓🍯🍽

  3. Excellent movie! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we like to detect this sort of contents. We create Travel & Food movies too, around the globe, so we are frequently seeking inspirations and also ideas. Thank You.

  4. I love your videos and recipes so much. I can't wait to buy your book. COuld you do more recipes usign cucumber? I just bought a bunch and I need more ideas of how to use them up.

  5. I'm just starting out eating healthy! I went food shopping and purchased a bunch of veggies and have no idea how I'm going to make them😩😩.. I made a veggie burger and it didn't come out good at all. Do u have any advice for someone who's transitioning?

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