Pizza Sauce Recipe – Chef John’s Secret Pizza Sauce Recipe


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  1. The sauce is a must to make, however, this is not Chef John's voice. The stand in is using key words to fool us but where is that aged velvety voice? in addition, this guy is from Jersey judging from his accent.

  2. I hope you warn your vegetarian friends that you use meat to prep your pizza sauce. (Personally I’d be quite upset if I ate a pizza sauce not knowing this. Pizza sauce is not a thing I usually question about being vegetarian…)

  3. Good videos man, i'm going to whip up the dough and sauce tonight and make some slices for the kids tomorrow. well, and for the dog and maybe the wife. If i'm luck maybe ill get a taste too.

  4. I made this sauce tonight (w/ the good tomatoes) and used it for a Chi Town stuffed pizza. This was my first time making said pizza, and it was incredible! Watch out Uno's! T hank you for sharing.

  5. In another life, I worked at a Shakey's Pizza Joint in Redlands, kahleefonyah. We made a LARGE pizza for the boss every night. His instructions were cover with pepperoni so thick that after it cooked, we still could not see the cheese. The one thing he hated was anchovy. SO, we'd hide one of those little fishies under the pepperoni and he'd eat it 'til he hit it. We got all the rest. Not that was such a big thing 'cause we could have all the pizza we wanted. And after work, draft beer. It was fun

    Thanks for this post as for all the rest

  6. Adding baking soda makes sense since were talking sodium bicarbonate which is a weak base. Will neutralize some of the acidic properties of the sauce depending on how much is added. I think I'm right on this but, I might have it all wrong as well. No expert on acid/base.

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