Pizza dough – Italian recipe


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  1. if you just say use Flour …. ?
    Dark flour ?
    White flour.?
    Greek Flour..?
    Brazilian Flour
    Artic Flour
    Space Flour
    Buttercup Flowers

    A recipe needs to be clear and concise not cloudy and confusing

  2. To all concerned we are making American Pizza here not italian pizza because italian pizza is only plain jane at best. make New York pizza or chicago pizza pie ok the American way which is the best eating pizza in the world bar none. Use American pizza dough recipes only. solid pizza dough 1 cup of 110 degree water, 1 whole Tabls. yeast, 3 cups of Flour Bread Fl. or all purpose does not matter 2 Tabls sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2 Tables Parsley, 2 Tabls basil flakes you will have a Great doughMakes one Large pizza. Toppings Bell pepper, Mild sausage sliced thin , Believe this Muenster cheese not shredded diced onion, and sauce I make my own I like Pineapple on my pie. ok Bon appetit .

  3. Just skip past this one. The changes to the recipe tell you everything you need to know. Even after the changes, the hydration is still below 50%. Original hydration was less than 40%, LOL, and that's why they tried to fix it. You should be aiming for 60-65%.

  4. I am from Massa and this is NOT an Italian Recipe. Might be for the "American Italian", we do NOT add Olive Oi to dough. Your dough recipe sounds like it is for six large pizza pies or a very, very large pie with very thick crust.
    Italian pizza dough needs only flour, water. salt and yeast.

  5. Leaving your dough to rise that much weakens the yeast. It would have no power to rise in the oven, producing a dense crust. Its better to either reduce the yeast amount, or reduce the proofing time. The dough is ready for the oven when it rises little less than doubled in volume, where its at its peak. Letting it rise more than that is wrong, and would produce a flat pie out of the oven.

  6. With 1 kg of flour I believe you could make more than one pizza base, am I right? What's the amount if I want to make only 1 pizza base? Could you post the updated ingredients fr one pizza base?

  7. So what is the right amount of fresh yeast for 1kg of flour and 600ml of water?
    12g (in comment below), 25g or 50g like in the film? 
    Thanks for the answer 🙂 
    p.s. Also from which region comes this pizza dough recipe?
    Thanks and have a good day

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