PitBarrell Cooker | How to make Smoked Pull Pork recipe


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  1. Nice job man! Love the smoker!! That brisket looked great. I'm working up the courage to try one. I've done alot of bbq, but that is one thing I haven't done, plus it is hard to get around my house. Keep working at it…….how do you think foil would work instead of butcher paper. Just curious.

  2. .Nice cook brother.that bbq sauce looked killer..another subscriber ask about Jhon Henery pecan rub..all his rubs that ive tried are reall good. the pecan is there best seller.check it out.

  3. That pork just collapsed! THAT'S when it's done perfectly! I haven't cooked a picnic in a long time, used to be my favorite piece of pig to cook…..it was dirt cheap and sweet meat! Excellent cook Chris!

  4. Curious Chris – what was the 2nd probe tracking the temp of the PBC reading during the cook? Great Looking Double bun Sandwich! That sauce would do well in contests…judges love sweet pork!

  5. The pig looked tremendous, but I'm really intrigued by that BBQ sauce. I like it when my pork falls apart like that when unwrapping it!!! Job well done Chris!!! Hope you are feeling much better very soon brother! Cheers!!!

  6. Looks great! I'm going to try this pulled recipe with the sauce on my PBC this weekend. I think I'm going to try it with some heat. Any recommendation on how much cayenne to add to the sauce?

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