Pistachio Baklava Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show


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  1. My Mom makes with triangle filo dough, ( I mean she cut the dough into triangle) verjum mnacox poqr erankyuni ktorn el vra e berum et miacman masi vra u dranov el miacman masy chi erevum 🙂 😉

  2. there's alike story with Tortellini, the legend says that the Tortellini maker saw the naked navel of Venus, the goddess of love, created a tribute to her in the form of a pasta that resembled her belly button, so in different parts of the world Ladies' belly buttons have been inspiration to some people :))))

  3. I love your new pots. They are so beautiful. I love not only their shapes but also and mostly their beautiful soft colours. Nice to watch. Where did you get it from? Maybe I can also find the brand in Germany. That would be awesome.

  4. Don't feel bad about "Lady's Belly Button", that's a lot better than the meaning of Avocado, the classic Nahuatl "ahuácatl " means testicle.

    I love this kind of baklava, and your presentation makes it look like it's not that difficult to make. I have bamboo skewers, a child willing to do shell removal for a few nuts, and guests coming that I want to impress. It's a perfect dessert with a coffee and maybe brandy or something.

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