Picadillo – How to Make a Beef Picadillo Recipe


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  1. This is nothing like my (cuban) family picadillo recipe. I think my mom almost had a heart attack. Ive seen a lot of comments saying this is "authentic", I honestly disagree with these comments. Still looks good though I guess.

  2. Raisins are a controversial ingredient. Some do and some don't. Never seen anyone use cinnamon though. It looked right but you are missing a key ingredient….. green peppers. Us cubans use that in almost everything. Love all your recipes (even when you forget the peppers)

  3. Chef John, do you have a prefererad brand of stainless steel frying pans? I'm looking for a large sauté pan.. I like cast iron but deglazing them with red wine is a bad idea.

  4. I'm puertorrican and even though this recipe is different to the one I'm used to, I think it looks delicious. Heck I hate raisins in empanadillas and pastel and I'm even willing to add raisins when I make this. Definitely missing some pegao (crispy rice from the bottom of the pot) and beans.

  5. As a Cuban myself, this is pretty close to authentic – except the cinnamon and cayenne (I know, you're obligated to put it in). I use crushed tomatoes myself. I'm not a raisin fan but my grandmother makes it that way and it's definitely the authentic way. A lot of people also add corn or tomatoes. And the olives – NOT OPTIONAL lol.

  6. If you want to reduce the texture of the raisins or currants, chop them up first. All the flavor but none of the weird texture. I throw some in marinara sometimes and don't like the texture so I usually hit them with a knife first.

  7. Belive it or not…I used this recipe with TACO And it turned out an '' Explosion of flavor ''
    Great recipe use it with spagetti or rice pilav or fill your Pita Bread with this and add some sauteed mushrooms and pickle WOW !

  8. Mr John.. never mind the ignorants….I did it your way and IT IS DELICIOUS.. I likes it and who cares the rest of the world kind a Sloppy Cuban… but gooood !

  9. I love Picadillo, however I have only ever made and had Mexican picadillo similar except with olives & raisins. Ours has onion, jalapeño, tomatoes and regions add carrots and green beans. But picadillo is comfort food for me I remember my mom making this as a child growing up with a warm flour tortilla

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