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  1. I think that 'Philly Cheesesteak Stroganoff' would have been a more appropriate name.
    As a resident of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, I object to the lack of sliced mushrooms in this recipe.
    The end result does not have the right color pattern, but it does still look good.
    If I were trying this recipe myself, I would swap out the milk for a cheddar cheese béchamel based on chicken stock and yogurt.

    Most of the recipes for 'liquid processed American cheese' are more chemically similar to a salty yogurt than traditional cheeses.
    Paradoxically, most American yogurt is very sweet and low-sodium when compared to traditional yogurt.
    So, when people eat Cheez-Whiz directly out of the can: they are unintentionally invoking the behavioral patterns of archetypal raiders who rode out from the Steppe.

    It shines a different light on the perceived stereotype about 'uncivilized Americans'.

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