PF Chang’s Ginger Beef Recipe


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  1. This is an amazing dish! I just don't add ginger to it because I don't like the flavor of it, and sometimes I use venison instead of beef. By the way, I think you sound fine…the important part is being able to understand the directions, and that was easy! Thanks for the great recipe!

  2. That steak looks really raw and needs o lot of more cooking time! It's better to cook on a lower heat for longer time then on high heat for shorter time. Although still a great recipe.

  3. Next time use sharp knife yourself 🙂 you should slise the meat in one or two motions. The meet your took 2,57 min looks a gummy. And finaly for my opinion You should reduse the souce a little and then put the meat into it, not boil the meat in souce till reduce, after all, You shoul fry it at once in bigger pan (and smaler portion of beef) becouse in Your way, the meat is cold till You put it into souce and when its cold it becoming gummy. 🙂 Good luck in cooking ;)

  4. My husband loved this so much he insisted on doing the dishes.  He said "I want you to remember this as a great experience cooking – go rest – and make this often!"  I don't usually post thank you for the recipe comments – but thank you for this recipe!!  It was easy and delish!!

  5. Buy well maintained organic meat. Conventional ones are horrible packed with growth hormones, pathogens and antibiotics. Not to mention the grain beinh feed to them are fraken GEO foods!

  6. OMG….women….    wrong cut…  cut across the fibers.
    egg+cornstarch+oil=batter, use it for marinading your beef.  and dust beef with potato starch before u cook it. then drop all the beef into the warm oil(not to hot) and stir it. take them out with spider.

  7. I was craving for mongolian beef that I've decided to watch how to cook this on Youtube as I dont know how to cook. I mean, at Lucky to find ur channel Maam. My hubby loved it!! Thanks for ur recipe. He said I cook like a pro. :)

  8. Cut along the grain?  Why can't you cut ACROSS the grain?  BTW – that's not a sharp knife (like you recommend we use).
    I would like this video much better if you would just speak in your normal voice and not try to sound a radio announcer. I know you don't talk to people like that. Thanks for the recipe.

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