Persian Cookies Ghotab – Iranian Mini Pie Recipe – Persian Pastry – Heghineh Cooking Show


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  1. Dear Heghineh, Thank you so much! I really loved this video. Irani and Armeni people are really like brothers and sisters. I made this pastry yesterday and now I watched your video to learn a few more tricks about the dough. Thanks again! Love and respect from Iran 🙂

  2. To me the name Badam comes from the shape you gave to the cookies just before they go to the oven, they looked very much like a real Badam (almonds) in their shell!!!! and I was so sure that this cookies were especiality from Shamakha, Gharabagh,….I read it actually in someones personal note!

  3. Please do some research before you make.
    This Persian cookies recipes dough doesn't have any of these you were using it. ;;;; ……. No Baking Soda , No Sour Cream , No Nut Mag at all. This especial Persian Cookies dough have : Sweet yoghurt , Cardamom , egg yoke, Baking powder, Oil or mixture of Butter and Oil, Flour, Salt. That's it.
    You warped this Cookies very nice. I like it. And to serve it with the Tea in that serving Tea was really nice.

  4. This Gotab Cooikes are originally From IRAN.
    And if you say this Cookies are from your Childhood. Yes it is Right, Because Armanstan was before Part of IRAN'S Country too at the time if Persian Empire. Even though to making that LAVASH BREAD that's also from IRAN. And many many Other things the traditional ways which is Left behind in Armanstan for the people's in your Country all from IRAN too. Any way your country knows well all The Persian Traditions ways. it is similar. I like your videos.

  5. I've never liked them because for my taste the amount of filling is to low for so much dough around. And they also get pretty dry very easily. But my relatives like them.

  6. Simply the most charming cooking demonstration I have ever seen! I felt that I was a guest inside your kitchen, listening to the delightful normal sounds of a home filled with lovely children. To see you passing on your traditions to your children, teaching your sweet older daughter how to make Persian Cookies Ghotab & seeing your dear young son crush the walnuts proudly……priceless! I cannot wait to try this with my family.

  7. Hi darling, I liked your video and laughed through it, it is just like my home cooking with my son. you kept your cool greatly.
    great recipe, too. Elham

  8. Arqan iran arqayavarie pahum amen angam 😉 vaxuzvanits chei patrastel ays txvatskablitnere, hishumem mamas patrastumer. Apres vor hin u lav morazvats rezeptnere hishaznumes 😉

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