Peri Peri Portugese Chicken Recipe


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  1. The first trick is to use a spring chicken, not a fully grown chicken! Second trick is that you need to score the chicken a little better especially on all the thick portions down to the bone to assist in even cooking and better penetration of the marinade. Covering the chicken with the bbq dome creates too much of a smoky flavour, not your typical grilled Portuguese Chicken done on an open fire! (By the way, Peri-Peri chicken is not originally from Portugal, but from the ex Portuguese colonies in Africa….Mozambique, Angola….)

  2. I love your style… "I don't take out the backbone because it's awesome" and "You must try this, it's so good it's retarded!" Haha! I am subscribed and it's great to see an Australian doing food videos on Youtube (most of them are from UK and US). But of course, the BBQ came from the great Oz! 🙂

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