Perfect Soufflé Recipe 수플레 만들기 How to Make Sweet Soufflé – 한글 자막


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  1. Hello Eugenie! I have followed you since your macaron video, and I made this souffle so many times! If you ever see this, just wanted to say your channel is amazing and I will still continue making your recipes! They always are a success and taste amazing 🙂 Merci pour toujours!

  2. your soufflé est super.
    but my is different I make my soufle but I don't cook and I put in freezer,up to 6 months,and I cook
    when I need it,my soufflé cook 15 to 20 minutes, and I have 12 to 15 differents kind of souffles,and
    I can serve 10 differents souffles in same times, this is impossible with regular souffles.
    my soufflé cost me around 30 cents each,and I use to sale for $ 10 piece. enjoie.

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