Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe | Kerryann Dunlop


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  1. I have a rather odd question. In the States ,our chickens in the store do not have the "long feet" The drumsticks end in a nub at the bottom. The chickens in the UK seem to have a lot of their feet still on them. Any reason for this?

  2. Kerryann, the honey actually should not be used in high temperatures, it becoming like toxic, i was told this by someone who has knowledge about it. You can add the honey just after the carrots have been done, and out from the oven 🙂 its the same exept honey doesn't lose its precious properties in high temp.

  3. Hi Kerryann

    Please can you add some video's of batch cooking, like you i am a working parent and run a pub so working nights is part of my working week. So when i am working nights my family can get some proper when i am not there to cook.

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