Perfect Prime Rib – Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever! – Holiday Prime Rib of Beef


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  1. Pro tip: Use a probe thermometer.
    Novice question: If the roast hits 125 before the 5 minutes are up, do you turn the oven off or just wait the full 5 minutes?

  2. Urgent question: we got our hands on an 8.33kg piece, and was wondering if the method needs to be modified for such a large piece? No way we can cook it at high heat for 90 minutes?! Would it be better to cut that into half and use the method to cook it that way?

  3. John,
    I tried this method with a 7 lb trussed venison hind quarter. It was amazing. Venison Prime Rib.😳😃👍🏻

    I guess you could say I'm the Edison 💡 of my venison. 😏

  4. First ever YouTube comment here and it is a big thank you to Chef John. Your recipes are always my "go to" when I want to be inspired. I'm a white collar Australian professional, who loves to cook, and I often have 10 to 12 friends over and impress them with your Food. Never lets me down. Final comment, don't ever change your format. It's all about the food and not the chef.

  5. Hi Chef John, I know this video is old, but do you reckon this method would work with a think prime rib steak? I've been using the method where you slow roast the steak in the oven and then sear in the pan. But I wonder if this method might not work better.

  6. Just make this for today for Easter and it was amazing!!! So easy and yummy! Hardest part of the receipe was not opening the oven door!!!! I made an eight pound roast and it was just amazing!!!

  7. yo I got o.c.d and you missed a spot on the roast with the butter!! its a big, obvious bald spot that just needed one more little swipe of the butter to smooth out and make even. but aaarrrghhhhhh!!! I didn't see it get fixed! PLEASE tell me you fixed it before it went in the oven!!!!!!

  8. followed this exactly this evening and it came out amazing, the butter and spices really put it over the top. as good as any fancy restaurant i've ever had ! thanks !

  9. Hi,
    First time I'm cooking like this.
    We don't like it between rear and medium rear. We like it between medium rear to medium.
    I have a 4.17 lb so I put the timer for 24min (4.17*5=20.85, so 21+1min of losing heat+2min to get it more than medium rear)
    Is it OK?? THANKS!

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