Pepper Steak Recipe – Slow Cooked Pepper Steak


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  1. Omg I did this easy recipe and it was out of this wold.. thank you so much for sharing this with me.. I cooked it for my family and they thought I bought it at the chinese restaurant and put it on the stove..It was that great.. thank you again. 😉

  2. Easy to use and programmable.>>> The lid is also secured in place by latches making it safe to transport and you won’t get your abuelita’s frijoles all over the back of your lowered to the ground 4×4 pickup truck. Love this thing.

  3. I'm curious–after you go through all of that in your skillet, why not just stir fry this? It'd take much less time and give results at least as good. Love your channel, I'm a subscriber.

  4. Also Larry, i like a couple of cloves of garlic squeezed through a garlic press in mine. I can do that because my wife loves me,lol. Also to give it a swiss steaky flavor, i will drizzle on some sourwood honey, delicious

  5. Oh I’s a’s a keeper.. the only thing I did different was.. I had the butcher slice the meat.. and I used fresh tomatoes cause I have a big garden.. delicious ! Easy easy easy..

  6. You and i definetely agree on the lean meat theory. This pepper steak looks great Larry, and even though it has to be cooke longer due to marbling/connective tissue, etc… the taste of the final product is great. It's like filet mignon that has no fat or flavor, if you do not marinate it and wrap it in some fat like bacon, it literally has no flavor, and the price is ridiculous, it is usually the most expensive cut of beef on the cow. It may be the most tender cut, but it has the flavor content of a plain dried rice cake,lol.

  7. I like you because if I'm not mistaken, you use a wheel chair, well, I use a power chair to get around, your recipes are always easy to make…well, at least the ones I've seen, so far! Thanks so much!!

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