Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast Sandwich Recipe


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  1. PB & J tastes amazing like this. I do it a bit different though. I make the whole sandwich, and then turn it into "French toast PB & J". Tastes great, but you have to be careful when frying…

  2. i was actually looking for some sort of combination of peanut butter and eggs and came across this and boy am i glad coz this sounds and looks absolutely delicious. never thought of this before. gonna try it tomorrow for brunch. subscribed +CookingStoned . 🙂

  3. I like your show! And this looks awesome! What kind of camera do you use to shoot your videos? And do you do your voice over after you shoot, or while you're cooking? My wife and I do a show and I'm trying to find a balance between getting good video, but also really being "in" the process of cooking. Hard balance to strike.

  4. Wait your name is something something 'stoned'? Forgive me for English is not my first language. So is it a pun, or has your channel actually nothing to do with weed? Anyway thanks for the fast reply, you're the man! I'm going to bed it's very late in my time zone.

  5. Dude you sound really out of breath, like close to heart attack short. Are you actually always stoned when you do the videos? If so, well done hiding it! The recipe sounds awesome! Would you be up for making a Croque d'monsieur recipe video. I made those the other day at the behest of the girlfriend. They were indeed the best cheese toasties I've had in my life. All the best.

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