Pea Soup Recipe


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  1. This looks good it’s different than my recipe so I will definitely try this one. I never thought of maple syrup..
    My favorite soup growing up was my mom’s homemade dinosaur soup. I asked her a number of years ago how to make it. She said it was just anything she had in the house to make soup but called it dinosaur so I would eat it. 🙂

  2. I never knew pea soup had such a long history , this looks fantasticn Jay , Mom used to make Italian wedding soup , with escarole greens and little meatballs ,it was the bomb, Now one of my favorites is Hot and sour soup ….!!!

  3. I love me some pea soup. I vary it some from yours but always interested in seeing any tips I can pick up. My favorite soup while growing up was navy beans (white beans) and ham. I make that too just have altered it from my Mom's version.

  4. I make my split pea with yellow and green dried peas, which I soak to make them really soft. I don't add potatoes. I will next time. I imagines that it gives the soup a nice mouth feel.

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