Pâté de Campagne Recipe – How to Make a Country-Style Pâté


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  1. I loved how you anticipated viewers turning off the video. But they'd have missed the cayenne joke. Which was nice and subtle, unlike the uncommonness of this dish. . So I watched till the end. Mostly because I think you are a great teacher and I just enjoy learning how to cook better from watching your videos. But also because growing up, my dad used to eat all this kind of thing, so to honor his memory and what he taught me eat regardless of its stigma, I paid attention and am grateful for the world of adventure I've been cast into.
    (from a loyal fan who grew up on head cheese, liver sausage, pork fat sandwiches, Limburger cheese, and raw ground beef)

  2. How long do you recon this would keep in the fridge? I'd love to make this, but the worry I have is: you really only eat one slice at a time, like shown at the end of the video, but aside from me and the SO basically nobody we know eats meat, so we'd have to kill this loaf of pate between the two of us, which will take time…

  3. I like the complicated ones too. And there there's the "… which appear to be very excited they're in this…" Fell outta my chair.

  4. Hey, Chef! I've been gawking at your videos for a couple years now, and after much drooling, I finally decided to take a peek at your blog. And, I notice that you don't write out instructions! only ingredient amounts! why not? Sure, I can come here and look at the videos. But, it would be nice to have printable instructions. Just a thought! or, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?

  5. Thanks for showing how KitchenAid mixer plus meat-grinder attachment performs. Now I won't buy those and just stick with 2 separate devices. One for dough mixing and one for meat-grinding.
    Oh, and that Pâté looks amazing. This will be totally my next attempt to make something meaty to put on slice of bread.

  6. Can you use wild game birds? Do they have to be a dark meat bird? Like quail aren't dark meat so would it throw off the flavors? I have a couple ducks, geese and pheasants in the freezer, I'd like to try this with them. Could you add the heart and gizzard as well for some extra meat? Thanks.

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