Pasta Sauce Recipe – with Fresh Vegetarian Ingredients


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  1. Looks pretty easy to make. Good for a young chef who doesn't want to use very much heat. I like how you say that we can change some of the ingredients depending on what we like.

  2. my god, i had limited ingredients and every single time she named off a ingredient, a sigh of relief, cept fresh basil, now im inspired to grow some basil, thank you

  3. omg, italian here! the reason we take the seeds out of the roma (sweeter) tomatoes is because they are bitter, especially cooked. fresh, not so bad. but monterrey cheese? romano! ciao!

  4. No, this is a raw sauce – just mix ingredients together well and pour on top of the pasta – if the pasta is still warm from the pan, the cheese will melt a bit. Chopped up more finely, it's a great topping for spaghetti squash, too.~Rita

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