Paper Pork – Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Cooked in Parchment – Pulled Pork Recipe


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  1. I usually cook pork butts in a smoker, but I'm giving this a try right now. It's now been in the oven for 3 hours and based on the 10.6 lb weight of this butt it will have to cook for another 15-1/2 hours. Hope the family doesn't mind eating dinner at 9 o'clock tonight.

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  3. Chef, would sous vide this for the same period of time and at the same temperature yield similar result?

    edit: Never mind, 225F is higher than water boiling point.

  4. an amazing recipe, i`m gonna try this the next time i`ll have family come over:-) the technique remindes me of something we call the roman pot here. It`s basically a large backing dish made out of clay with a lid, in which we sometimes prepare meat in a very similar way. It heats it nice and slow and keeps all the juses in, amazing! Thanx for the great Videos!!!

  5. many moons ago,in N.C.,folks I stayed with dug a hole,put about 18" of hot coals in,covered with green wood and added pork covered with wet paper bag then put roofing tin on top and covered with dirt…next day we had THE most awesome pork that ever was

  6. 12.5 hours oven roast?
    i guess that meat is worth the electricity bill…..
    oh and chef john, if you'd present that on the plate IN the paper STILL ? take your 1-2 minutes extra standing next to me to watch me eating the parchment paper in good faith its some sort of puff pastry dough.

  7. This looks incredible. I will be making these on movie night tonight! We hope you will check our romantic comedy Chasing Taste on iTunes or Verizon Fios! It's about a food critic who loses his sense of taste and smell and will do anything to fake his reviews! We are huge fans of your channel and your amazing recipes!

  8. What if, what if… now open your minds real wide here, you pack a bunch of root vegetables around the pork shoulder before wrapping it to absorb all that porcine deliciousness? Proceed as usual and then serve with pork-infused mashed potatoes/yams/carrots/rutabagas/whatever.

  9. Anyone who doesn't have parchment paper in their kitchen is really missing a key piece in your cooking and baking arsenal. It's like not having a wooden spoon or a frying pan. It's basically mandatory and you're living an unfulfilled life if you don't have it.

  10. Another reason to use parchment paper (not necessarily in this case) is if you're going to wrap in foil and there are acidic ingredients, which can react with the foil (and eat through it), getting dissolved aluminum in the food. YUM!

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