Panna Cotta – Original authentic Italian recipe of this show stopper of a dessert! Panna Cotta


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  1. I followed this recipe came out perfect! I just added a bit more sugar to my taste and a dash of Elychee powder! I let it cool covered with plastic wrap and placed in the fridge at 1 am and now at 7am I'm tasting 😁 Dessert for breakfast! Simple easy tasty recipe!

  2. love this recipe it is my go to when I want to make a fancy looking and delicious dessert for anyone who can't find the gelatin leaf's I use 3 to 4 packs of the gelatin pouches and it works great

  3. can someone help me I'm not making this recipe until April 1st but I noticed the sugar content in this recipe is significantly lower than others on YouTube. He is using tablespoons and others are using 1/4 cups to 1/2 cups of sugar. Can someone let me know which option is better? I'm going to make a sweet strawberry sauce with it so I'm wondering if I should leave it with tablespoons or if I should add more sugar.

  4. Hi guys! Lovely pannacotta there. I'm certainly going to cook it! Please, put me out of my misery: what's the difference between cream, thickened cream, heavy cream, double cream and whipping cream?

    Thank you! Xx

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