Paneer Shashlik – Grilled Spicy Cottage Cheese Recipe – Vegetarian Recipe By Ruchi Bharani


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  1. Hi Rajshri…I just purchased a new oven ..waiting to try this wonderful recipe..just a doubt I have about preheating. should I preheat the oven in grill mode or bake mode at 180 degrees Celsius? would like to hear from you.

  2. This is great but I do dislike the fusion thing so I substituted coriander and methi leaves for the pizza seasoning and used chilli flakes + black pepper as well..Now this took this dish to a new level…I would urge all of you to try this word AWSOME.@Rasmi preheat your grill to high and brush each skewer with a little oil..(I used groundnut oil) and grill for 3 mins each side..DO NOT WALK AWAY keep an eye on them..When they become light brown turn and turn again…These are also great put into a chapati with onion and a yoghurt dressing..

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