Paneer Pinwheels – Party Appetizer Recipe


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  1. Made this yesterday for my guests and it was absolutely delicious. I added finely chopped onion and green chillies to it for extra taste. Lovely recipe. thanks ladies.

  2. We suggest you make them earlier but the day of the party. Overnight in the fridge and the moisture will make them soggy and they will loose their flakiness. To re-heat, turn on the oven to about 200 degrees F, turn it off and then put the pinwheels in there for just about 10 minutes.

  3. Hi …loved the video ! just a quick question , wanted to know if its possible to make it a day earlier & then reheat it in the oven an hour before the party??

  4. Hi …loved the video ! just a quick question , wanted to know if its possible to make it a day earlier & then reheat it in the oven an hour before the party??

  5. thanks a lot i make this for my kitty party as a starter its just come out super sucess all love this
    as we r staying outside india so veg option and to that veg puff that to making in home just awsome
    again thanks to noth of u

  6. @pinky19820317
    Puff pastry is a little tricky when defrosting and refreezing and defrosting again…sometimes it does not flake and puff properly. We have not tried it personally but we suggest if you have time before your party, try it out to make sure. Sorry can't be of more help.

  7. hi guys…luv ur recipe….i want to make it for around 70 people for a party..but i wudnt hav time on the d day ….can i do the filling and rolling part the before day and put it in freezer..and cut and pop it in oven the next day?

  8. this is a FAILSAFE recipe – I messed up a lot on this recipe and it still turned out great!! I had cooked the paneer and refrigerated it 2 days before i put it in the pastry roll (I'm a student and didn't have time to get the sheets). The pastry sheet got stuck to the surface and I had to peel it off and start over (this time it was shaped really weird too), when I finally made the pinwheels they were falling apart so I had to put leftover paneer crumbles in them while they were on the sheet.

  9. You two ladies really enjoyed these paneer pinwheels so much. its amazing what food can do to people. i remember when i tasted certain dishes I couldnt move or talk its amazing what food can do.

  10. yum, looks too good, mite try it tomorrow. just a quick question, you had a chilli paneer video which seems to have disapeared. n i have to say i loved that video, i made tthe best chilli paneer after watching your video. any chance of uplaoding it again? will be much appericated.

  11. Hi ladies! Luv your vids. You are beautiful and a pleasure to learn from. Just a suggestions, it would be great if you would list the recipe ingredients in the description section. Thanks! Keep on sharing your ideas and selves with us~ I also agree with the comment that you should produce a cookbook. 🙂

  12. @Hellacute1979 WOW! What was the purpose in this comment? If you don't care for the ladies, then don't watch. What a rude thing to say. You should be ashamed.

  13. @Hellacute1979 you are 31 and posting childish remarks about these ladies who take time out from their day to provide recipes, I know 5 year olds with more sense and manners. Grow up!

  14. @acf870 its very simple! you just boil milk and put anything acidic into it, e.g. citrus and it bursts and then thats paneer…and if u wana make blocks then put it in a special cloth i duno what its called in english and put it under a brick or a pile of boooks, something heavy basically then it forms shape after some time 🙂

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  16. @ShowMeTheCurry What I have found is if you just click on the progress bar few seconds ahead then the video works. So you don't have to click out of the video. Hope this helps.

  17. I like your videos and the recipes. Keep up the good work, I know it takes time and effort to make these videos and if a person really likes the recipes demo they can watch an add for 30 to 60 seconds.

  18. @ShowMeTheCurry You certainly deserve compensation for your wonderful work! But, what do you make every month from the ads? Maybe $100? Not really worth loosing viewers over. Perhaps you should create a cookbook and sell it through your videos. That's advertising I want to see and something I'd seriously consider buying! And, I'm sure you'd make much more money than what Google is paying you each month.

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