Paneer Kolhapuri Vegetarian Main Course Recipe


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  1. The dish you are making is not a north Indian dish .
    Punjabi curry dishes are very tasty and famous in the world but veg kolhapuri or paneer kolhapuri are Maharashtrian curry dishes specifically made in Maharashtrian style and spices. Unfortunately mostly it is shown in Punjabi style but it's an authentic Maharashtrian dish.

    Mostly Maharashtrian and south Indian people use coconut as a major ingredient of masala paste. It also differ in style of making the masala for veggie and contains onion but less tomato .

  2. This recipe is absolutely horrible. I made this curry today and it sucked. Spoilt my evening 🙁 the curry tastes only of coconut. There's no enhancing flavour at all. Never making this again

  3. Hi Kanak…Nice recipe as I cook n fallow all ur dishes would like to mention that it is better to onion puree rather than chopped onions coz chopped onions does make their presence fell while chewing which is irritating …plz dn't mind as I am great follower of ready steady eat

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