Panda Express Beijing Beef Recipe-Chef Tom


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  1. looks good foe Sure can u do cang pao chiken like Sechaun style i love looking at your Vidios Cheff Tom lol dam funny make more like bbq chikens or sweet and sour one maybe how much your cooking pot coasts lol

  2. Looks amazing as always! Can you do a video on how you prepare your ginger and garlic? I use it for every dish and if I could have it already prepared like you do that would help me tremendously!!! 🙂

  3. Great recipe !! Thank you so much !!!! Can you make a video with your version of Panda Express Eggplant -Tofu Dish ? I really enjoy your videos an I have made many of your recipes 🙂 So delicious 🙂 Thanks a lot !!!

  4. Why did you choose a pressure cooker (with no lid so there was no pressure whatsoever) for this recipe instead of a wok or a regular pan? I mean I am sure the dish is good, I am just wondering why a pressure cooker? Seems a bit like a waste of electrical energy (which, at least where I live is more expensive than gas heat)

  5. Could you recommend a good brand for the squeezy bottles you use for storing your sesame oil and oyster sauce? Many to choose from on Amazon, but want to be sure my bottles do not leak!

  6. That looks good, quick and easy too! Thanks Chef Tom. I never had Panda Express but I bet this is a lot better!

    I got a pressure cooker last year. The browning function cycles on and off every 3 minutes so food doesn't burn. Let the meat sit longer, it will sizzle when the browning turns back on and get much browner. It's easier than a pan, you can do something else and not worry about burning. It's difficult to be that lazy at cooking and not tend to the food!

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