Panda Express Beijing Beef | Copycat Recipe


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  1. HI guys. The lighting is going to be all over the place in my next few vids. Im in my new place and Im still trying to figure out the lighting… LAWD ! My counter tops are white so it washes everything out. I guess its time I figure out the settings on my camera lol… Ehhhh… Love yall!

  2. Hi honey, amazing video! Would u please mind checking out their eggplant tofu dish and recreating that? Its my fav dish and no one recreated it yet so i would appreciate it

  3. Omg, I just this and it turn out delish, my family loved it. I added about a tablespoon more of sugar cause I could taste the vinegar next time I’ll add only 1 tablespoon, 2 was overpowering, but thanks for the recipe. The only issue I have is that I used up the whole bottle of oil, especially when I used avocado oil. Still I love this recipe and now I can forget about buying that crap for which I’m not sure it’s real beef anyway at Panda Express.

  4. I wish I could love this video. Omg I was looking at another video & was like no he meat not krispy next. Then I seen this one & was like yup she black I know she about to do her stuff. Great job

  5. I love the flavor of Panda Express Beijing Beef but the heat of the dish kills me. How can I reduce or eliminate the heat and retain the amazing flavor of this dish. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Your recipe seems to be the one to try. Thank you

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