Palak Pesarattu – No Fermentation Dosa | South Indian Breakfast Recipe


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  1. tried Pesaratu….came out very well…Thanks sruthi..for sharing this healthy recipe…does not need fomentation…so liked all the more…looking forward for more such healthy n quick recepis…

  2. Hello Sruthi very nice recipe will try it soon.can you show me which brand blender r you using? Mine never come out this much smooth. I request you so many times and again I m doing can you make a video on about ur kitchen how can you organize what type of grinder blender r you using how can you arrange everything . I mean every single thing from ur kitchen. Hope this time u will get time to make this video. Thank you.

  3. Lovely recipe! I want to try it but I would like to get a pan like the one you used. What is the pan called and where did you purchase it from? Thanks for always giving us wonderful tutorials that are easy to follow. Cheers!

  4. so, we do not need to ferment the Pesarattu dough, right? could you also share your Upama recipe, because there are lot of versions and I want to know how they cook it in Andhra

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