Palak Dal – Spinach Dal – Paalakura Pappu – Indian Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. I like u r palak dal curry. It is yummy. I tried this recipe it came out very well. Regularly, I am doing this recipe only whenever I want to cook palak dal.

  2. I dont have a pressure cooker or really know what it is. Can I just use a sauce pan with a lid? how long should I cook it If that is the case? Are there any other good ways to cook dal without one? loverly stuff x

  3. Loved it! I tried cooking it in my pure clay pot I got from mecware.US and it turned out amazing. The pot did take a little longer to get hot but made up in the end by holding all the heat inside.  I always like the combination of lentils and greens, this one is too good.

  4. Hello, I'm happy to see this comment for giving all such love to me and my channel.. My hubby admired me to do the same thing but I think it takes lot more effort and time to make my singing videos.. singing goes well with live music and it doesn't feel great if one is singing without any music right??? So I need a band for this now.. 🙂

  5. Hi tejaswini, if you want to add you can add some tamarind flakes while pressure cooking the dal.. or add some lemon juice or lime juice just before serving or one you are done with all the cooking.. Its one's personal preference… 🙂

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