PACKED LUNCH IDEAS | Layered Leftover Pasta Salad – Crumbs


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  1. I always have frozen beans (I boil them myself nad then freeze it), brocoli and green beans. I boil the past, in the end I add frozen veggies, so they defrost easily, then add some fresh veggies like tomatoes or anything I have in hand, a salad dressing, and dinner is ready in 10 minutes!

  2. Ants on their school dinners. Just children trying to get round having to eat their proper lunch as the rest have too. I'd refuse them packed lunch and if they go hungry they go hungry. They will soon learn to eat properly.

  3. I don't have kids, but do I live alone, so one thing I do when I cook is to always make enough for two people, especially pasta. That way I can take the leftovers to school. It's great, because I don't waste any food and cut down cooking time by half.
    I always have frozen sweet corn and peas on hand, so that I can mix it into the pasta for extra vegetables. Frozen, again, because I live alone, and it would otherwise spoil because I can't eat it fast enough.

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