Oyako Don (Chicken & Egg over Rice) recipe – Japanese cooking – 親子丼の作り方レシピ


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  1. You can remove some of the water and replace it with dashi to replace bonito flakes. I generally dont keep the flakes around because they are hard to find where I live.

  2. Is it really something worth maaking and will give me mouthgasm, or is it just okay? Never's tried it and I'm wondering if it's worth the effort.

  3. Just made it and it is so delicious!!!! Thank you again, I love your recipes! The only problem was all I had was italian rice…. which isn't bad but you can tell isn't right haha

  4. So watched this recipe for Oyako Don a couple of months ago and have been making this dish (often) ever since. It's simple and delicious! Finally had an opportunity to make it for some of my friends and they all loved it! I wanted to come back to say thank you!

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