Oxtail Beef Noodle Soup Recipe | BeatTheBush


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  1. your voice is very clear, instructions are precise and simple, easy to follow, you give rational on every step why and how important the procedure is. I will love to watch more of your video. of course I love this kind of soup. do you know the difference of using a slow cooker and the normal stove boiling for soup?

  2. I LOVE oxtails! I cook it the unhealthy way…lol. years ago this meat was considered cheap and butchers used to give it away. Now…it's a bit pricy. I will try to make this. If Yan Can Cook…so can you! You top chef…lol. I'm impressed😆

  3. So much good food on YouTube. YouTube could make it's own school of cooking, building, etc using the best videos…
    first picked by the people then given an award by YouTube for 'best' whatever…

  4. i made this 2 days ago and im still drooling….. in my version i added 2 whole pieces ginger along with the onion & lemongrass and decided to blanch 1 pack of bok choy prior to serving…simple and delicious.

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