Oven Pork Ribs


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  1. thanks for the recipe..i just tried it ytd as valentine's dinner for my husband.. it's so delicious .. ^.^
    but the side part a little bit hard.. i wish to make it more juicy..any ideal? thank u very much sir..=)

  2. This is like watching America's most wanted food edition with the voice lol. As the perp mixed in the ingredients, he gave it another turn… officer commentary flash back I don't know what happened, he just kept adding spices and erbs and made it better each time- ! After a few hours of oven broiling cooking and glazing the meat. This high speed chase was cooled down… and served to the court..! LMBO!! Come on that funny!! 🙂 please post comments on Facebook for me to see. I would love to see the great guy that posted this video comment on there to btw outstanding job! People subscribe to this guy great turn out. Anthony brownfield Raytown Missouri thanks and thank you

  3. By far the best you have tried? Guess you haven't had many ribs then. There are so many things wrong with this recipe I don't even know where to start. And hunts bbq sauce? Are u kidding me? Why don't you just smear a pile of dog patty over your ribs and consider me late for dinner. Months late

  4. Hi Mr. Dave~  I Just Wanted To Say: Thanks Soooo Much For Sharing Your Very "YUMMY BBQ RIBS" Recipe With All Of Us!!! =D

    I Am Really Looking Forward To Viewing More Of Your Video You Already Posted… & I Can't Wait To See Even Moooore Of Your Many Many Many Moooore  "NEW UPLOADS" That Are Hopefully To Come For A Very Loooong Time!!! =D

    After Watching This Video: I Had To Immediately Press "LIKE"~ & "SUBSCRIBE;~ & I Am About To Visit Your "YUMMY WEBSITE", Too… Where I "HOPE" I Will Be Able To Get The "EXACT MEASUREMENTS" For Your "Dry Rub"… Because I Really Want To Try
    "YOUR BBQ RIBS" Recipe Very Soooon In My Kitchen At Home For My Family… Who Are Most Definitely: #BBQ_LOVERS   !!! =D  ~XOX Ruby

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