Our Favorite Keto Holiday Appetizers | Simple and Affordable Recipes


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  1. Just bought the ash brie and the chevre molle yesterday as well as some aged gouda and aged cheddar. I have a cheese addiction, I may have over 30 different cheeses right now but I'm too lazy to actually count them.

  2. I swear to God, it wasn't that long ago that the two of you were totally making me mad, because you were dis'ing Aldi!! Glad you have left the dark side to join us as Aldi worshipers!

  3. Would love a recipe with quantities and yield for the brie/prosciutto snacks, please. Searched the web with ‘ketoconnect’ with no result 😎👍🏽💖

  4. We need kito bread in England as keto is getting more popular here as more people are seeing the results of me and other people so it spreads like a virus ha ha ha

  5. Thanks for the ideas .looks great .I have got more creative since I have been on keto and never thought of using Brie cheese to bake with .thankyou.xx

  6. I don't like the way Aldi cashiers put food in the cart's child seat where the (potentially) dirty diapers leak. It gives the impression they are too lazy to get off the chair. I always ask them not to do it.

  7. So much fun! As I attempt a three day water fast😂. You did a very nice presentation and good for you working with Aldi, Aldi working with you two. The power keto couple

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