Ossobuco Milanese style – Original Italian recipe


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  1. Actually, the ossobuco is a cross cut of the leg bone, so you can get the same piece of meat from the lamb leg! Otherwise, use it whole and follow the same recipe, but you won't have the marrow bone…

  2. Thanks a lot for uploading this. I previously had only eaten the version with tomatoes, but I think I prefer this older, gremolata-based version especially with the saffron risotto. Although I think that the tomato version would go better with the cornmeal polenta.

  3. @kyaky22 before you finish asking your self questions like that, always remind your self that cooking is more like art then like science…don't restrain your self from playing with the recipe 😉

  4. My French spouse recently asked me about this dish, and also about oxtails. There are two versions of this dish, and one uses tomatoes. Once you learn to make this dish, you will be able to cook most shanks and tails very well. Thank you for posting, this was very informative. I learned to cook in school in Italy and was a French chef's assistant outside Paris. I have written two cooking columns and I judge this clip very good.

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