Original Cabbage Soup Recipe (for Cabbage Soup Diet) | Dietplan-101.com


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  1. I don't know what to say!!!!!! Very good calm video without the irritating banter & annoying irrelevant background music….. No stupid blah blah blah & no stupid racism, ego or abusive stuff even in comments section….. People giving comments are same as the soothing music…. Very rare to get such total goodness…. Seems just like Simon and garfunkel in between all the craziness…… Btw recipe is also good…. Thanks

  2. My freezer is full of Soup of various flavours,i have recently just found out how to make Beetroot & Tomato Soup….
    no more cans of soup for me anymore….lol.

  3. now had twins under surgery, tried the soup for 2weeks and I am seeing results in my tummy area already,I am thinking about continuing for another 2wks

  4. I will try a part of your recipe that I HAVEN'T tried which is the tomato soup in the stock or broth. I enjoyed your video. I will sub for more recipes. Check out my cabbage soup recipe as well. Maybe you'll see something you like. Thank you. Please sub back…

  5. That was one of the most smoothest, seamless and relaxing videos I've ever watched. Recipe wise I had it pretty spot on. Except I added about an inch if finely minced ginger, fresh garlic, rosemary, thyme, peppercorns and red pepper flakes. I'm going to buy mushrooms for next pot load . Thankyou

  6. ?? Despues de dos horas aunque sea a fuego lento las verduras/vegetales acaso no pierden sus propiedades nutritivas?
    Gracias por compartir! Voy a hacer esto pero creo q no la fejare tanto tiempo al fuego

  7. This is similar to my cabbage soup. I add is canned, diced tomatoes instead of the juice. I don't add salt and I add crushed garlic. I haven't precooked the veggies but I will try that.Some times I add squash. The olive oil will add a nice flavor. I will try that next time.

  8. Why not fry some onions and garlic at the beginning for some more flavor. Also, is it advisable to cook vegetables for so long? I mean what about the vitamins you get from the veggies, won't overcooking destroy the vitamins? I try to time my cooking as much as possible so that the veggies cook with the least amount of time required. Say in this recipe, after putting the cabbages in, I let it simmer for 5 minutes, then turn off the stove and let the heat from the soup finish the cooking of the cabbages for another 2 to 3 minutes,

  9. Your cabbage soup looks very appetizing.  I think I will make this recipe and add some boneless. skinless chicken breast to half the soup recipe or some white beans just to satisfy my need for protein.  It will still be low calorie soup.  I'm also thinking this soup will be good with a great sausage meat like Sara's Sausage, which doesn't have too much fat.  Thumbs up on this recipe!

  10. When I make my Cabbage Soup, I add Nasoya Black Soybean Firm Tofu and Nasoya Shirataki Fettuccine Noodles.  The tofu and noodles makes the soup more filling without adding too many additional calories or carbohydrates!  

  11. Your soup looks really pretty; hope it taste as good as it looks. I made an chicken cabbage soup for lunch that was so good I also ate it for dinner. I thought soups may help me break through my weight loss plateau along with increased exercise of course. Thanks

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