Orange Fried Chicken Recipe (Samsung Smart Oven Product Review)


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  1. Love this toaster oven.>>> So many options – I also purchased the cutting board that sits on the top. It is a little pricy, but well worth it. With the large capacity, I used it all the time instead of heating up my kitchen with my oven. Cassarole dishes fit nicely and I expecially like the reheat and convection options. It cooks evenly and crumb tray removes easily for cleaning.

  2. I hope you do more recipes using the smart oven, your video is very helpful especially now that I am currently looking for what brand of oven available in the market should I buy.

    Can you make lechon belly or lechon kawali on that?

  3. Hey. will you upload videos about your workouts? And i hope you can do the 1000 jump ropes for 30 days challenge. Ive seen it others doing it. thank you.

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