Orange Chicken – How to make Orange Chicken – Chinese Recipe


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  1. You come up with the best Chinese Recipes!  Take-Out usually sucks by the time you get it back home because its just breading, MSG, and more breading. So thanks for recipes we can do that are tasty, way cheaper,  and much more healthy for you at home!

  2. Great recipe. I will try this! P.s can you tell your friend Stef, it is nut ella not newt ella, like made with hazel nuts not hazel newts Lol

  3. Stef is pretty cool, she is a character indeed and a  fellow musician (might be why the previous LOL)  great stir fry there larry! I should do one, its been a long time!

  4. wow!   Thanks, Wolfie!   That looks really delicious!  :-0   Nice job as usual!   
    "Chef Stef"  looks pretty good, too!  <lol>  😉    Thumbs up as always,  Jersey Joe

  5. I just did a chicken stir fry today. Made it up as I went along. Wish I'd seen this first, because I would've done it this way. The spicy orangeness really looks good! Ah well… there's tomorrow, and I have lots of chicken.  LOL

  6. You have to have a background in food from the orient. You make every dish look amazing. I would have to leave out that orange jelly lol. I am also a thigh man

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