Orange Chicken Chinese Food Recipe Absolutely Spectacular Superior to Panda Express!


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  1. i go to a place that plates it with a few maricino (i cant spell it.) cherries. hmm.. i wonder can you substitute the plum sause with cherry syrup? cant wait to try your recipe. im getting hungry. 🙂

  2. another nice video man! will have to try this out… my kids love their orange chicken, but I would be willing to bet PANDA uses high fructose corn syrup. wouldn't ya think? hfcs is a turn-off for me over at PANDA. Thanks again for all of the great videos!

  3. @superk734
    If you click the "show more" link it should have written directions for the recipe. The thickening agent is a mixture of corn starch and cold water. Thanks for watching.

  4. @LucLeFou
    There isn't any "brand" that I know of. The highest quality woks are made from quality steel that is thick, not flimsy. I'd also recommending getting one with a wood handle as the one I have requires protection from burning my hands 🙂 Thanks for watching!

  5. @ZizouZ1dane
    Don't use olive oil it's completely different. The sesame oil is for flavoring and it's used in Asian cooking while olive oil is more for italian. If you don't have sesame or don't want to use it just leave it out. Thanks for watching.

  6. Tried the recipe, and i quite liked it. My little brother hated it (but he only ever eats about 3 types of food (certain brands of cereal basically) – yes, kids nowadays are that spoiled), but i still managed to persuade him to try it, so i guess it wasn't too bad even for him^^
    Regarding the video and instructions – epic! Nice and clear all the way.
    tyvm for this recipe.

  7. @KianaTheWordsmith
    Hi this video is for chicken. If you're looking for perfect deep fried breaded shrimp check out my sweet and sour shrimp video – just came out!

  8. @wigitman
    Hi it's 1/2 teaspoon corn starch mixed with a couple tablespoons cold water to thicken. The recipe is in the info just below the video (Since youtube changed their format it's harder to see more info).

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